lunes, 19 de noviembre de 2007

Playlist 18-Noviembre-2007


Domingos de 22:00 a 23:30

Presentado por Oscarkotj

Emisión del día 18-noviembre-2007

1 Cynics : Here We Are (Get Hip)
2 Graham Gouldman : Upstairs, Downstairs (RCA)
3 Big Star : Thirteen (Ardent)
4 Johnny Casino´s and the : Ballad of a Thin Man (Off the Hip)
5 Green Manalishi Unknown Force (GP)
6 Cynics : Slide Over (Get Hip)
7 Chesterfield Kings : Up and Down (Wicked Cool)
8 Chesterfield Kings : Inside Looking Out (Wicked Cool)
9 Nice Boys : Dugong Along (Birdman)
10 Nice Boys : Johnny Guitar (Birman)
11 Exploding Hearts : I´m a Pretender (Screaming Apple)
12 Cynics : All About You (Get Hip)
13 Stupidity : Last Night (Go fast)
14 Condors : Set Me On Fire (Rankoutsider)
15 The Electric Chairs : Hot Blood (Attic)
16 Cynics : The Warning (Get Hip)
17 Los Creyentes : Witchcraft Man (Bloody Hotsak)
18 Mark Sultan : Mortal Man (In The Red)
19 King Khan and BBQ : I´ll Never Belong (In the Red)
20 King Louie and the Loose : Gypsy Switch (Empty)
21 Cynics : Me Wanting Her (Get Hip)

Disco de la Semana
(Album of the week)

Cynics : Here We Are (Get Hip Lp/Cd)

Oscar Garcia
P.O. Box 4042
47013 Valladolid

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vaya bocado que le metes en el trasero a la muchacha!!!!

Cangrejero dijo...

This is an awesome mix! Great music!